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Dana Point Mortgage

Dana Point Mortgage. Wave Crest Financial Group Inc. offers a huge selection of Dana Point mortgages services.
Whether you are looking to purchase a Dana Point property, refinance, or tap in on the
equity for any reason, we have a wide range of Dana Point Mortgage products to assist
you in reaching your financial goals.

We have many products available for your primary home, vacation home , investment home, or rental properties.
Additionally, multi-unit properties, mixed use and commercial zoning options are also available at Dana Point Mortgage.

There is never one loan that fits everybody, that is why the various ways of documenting income
(for loans that require income documentation) are so popular these days. For those that want to use asset depletion or property debt service for income we have options as well. There are even stated income plans that do not require any income verification.

Dana Point Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are designed for homeowners that are over 62 years of age. These loans allow you to use the equity you have built up over the years to pay off your current mortgage, access funds now, or secure a line of credit for future use.

The flexibility of the repayment terms allow you to decide if you want to make a payment each month and how much you want to pay*. This is a great financial instrument for many homeowners.

Talk to one of our loan advisors to get all your questions answered and to see if a Reverse Mortgage is the right financial move for you.

Homeowners with a reverse mortgage are must still keep their homeowners insurance and property taxes current, and are responsible for maintenance of the home. If you would like more info please give us a call or stop by our Dana Point Harbor office in South Orange County.

Information contained on this page l has not been approved or reviewed by any government agency, including HUD and FHA. Wave Crest Financial Group Inc is not affiliated with or representing any other government agency or HUD or FHA.

Every situation is different.

Give us a call and see which loans you qualify for to easily reach your financing goals!

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For a revers mortgage you must need to be 62+ years of age.

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